ABC’s of Selling Groceries On Amazon

With offering over 665,000 items in the grocery category, grocery products are a fast growing area for any savvy Amazon business owner. These consumable and plentiful goods are easy to source and can be quite profitable for you.

So why not learn: 

  • Why groceries are profitable to sell
  • Basic grocery category rules
  • Which items to sell and which ones to avoid
  • How to discover items to sell without a scouting tool
  • Pricing strategies (yes there is a strategy)
  • How to move away from the herd of new Amazon FBA sellers
  • Who grocery customers are and how to sell products that appeal to them
  • How to cut inventory costs
  • Creative sourcing techniques
  • How to use Amazon reports and other free resources to identify products to sell
  • And what pitfalls to avoid


Plus take away:

  • A mini-ebook from this course
  • 2 hour audio and video recording of the presentation
  • List of pertinent links discussed in the class


Why this course:

Most Amazon courses focus on the “how” of Amazon –  technical details like scanning apps, labels, printers, packaging materials, and other logistics of getting your product to an Amazon warehouse. While helpful and necessary, those details don’t help sellers make more money. This course gives laser-focused information on how to choose replenishable products to sell on Amazon – products that are sitting in grocery stores in your own neighborhood. Learn the “why” behind what products to choose including exactly who is buying specific products as well as how to serve those customers better.


I promise to always bring you the latest, most up to date information in a supportive environment giving you the ability to unite with your fellow sellers to get your personal questions answered.

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