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Pre-Owned Women’s Clothing on eBay- Level 2

There is no wonder why selling women’s clothing is a hot market. From great inventory selections, low prices which create great markup, and women constantly on the hunt for that perfect item. Pre-owned women’s clothing is only set to become a hotter and hotter market.

Level 2 of this course builds on the basics…..

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What To Buy, That Will Sell??? Live In Person Training

Do you want to know how to spot those uber profitable items?

Are you looking for a system that works virtually anywhere and within a variety of stores and resources like garage sales, Craiglist, etc?…..

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Category: Amazon
ABC’s of Selling Groceries on Amazon 

With offering over 665,000 items in the grocery category, grocery products are a fast growing area for any savvy Amazon business owner. These consumable and plentiful goods are easy to source and can be quite profitable for you. So why not learn:

Why groceries are profitable to sell
Basic grocery category rules
Which items to sell and which ones to avoid
How to discover items to sell without a scouting tool
Pricing strategies (yes there is a strategy)

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Category: eBay
Selling Children’s Clothing on eBay 

eBay is a household name, and many parents use eBay as their source for children’s clothing, avoiding the high cost of new clothes, and the time consuming task of going to local garage and consignment sales. eBay offers a unique opportunity for parents to earn part-time income conveniently at home while raising kids, with no start-up costs because you have a constant stream of inventory piling up around the house as your kids outgrow clothes.


What brands to look for
How to research pricing
The best way to photograph items
The ABC’s in measuring children’s clothing
New vs. Used – both can be winners if you know the details

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Category: Basics

Bookkeeping Basics for Your At-Home eCommerce Business

No matter how big or small your business is, knowing your numbers is essential. From sales reports to profit levels, proper record keeping can either help “make” your business a huge success or it will “break” your business fast.

With proper record keeping you can:

• Make and keep more money
• Easily determine what your profits are
• Track the expenses that lead to tax deductions in a simple, no hassle way

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