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Grow your eBay business by creating another stream of income through consignment selling. Click the brown description bar below to read how the directory works.


Consignment is an effective way to grow your eBay business and increase your profit without having to spend money buying more inventory or paying helpers.

The benefits of consignment include:

  • Exposure to products you may not otherwise find on your own; free education! 
  • Make money without spending money.
  • Inventory comes to you (great disabled, caregivers, stay at home parents)
  • Inventory source for those in rural areas without other shopping options.
  • Build repeat clientele.
  • Referrals from happy customers; business grows organically.
  • Sell inventory in better condition than traditional sources.
  • Choose who you work with and what you want to sell.

Join my consignment network and receive:

  1. Standard Consignment Agreement to use with clients.
  2. Consignment selling tip sheet.
  3. Unlimited email support. I am here for you!
  4. Monthly newsletter just for consignment sellers.
  5. Money back guarantee!  If you have not been contacted by any consignment clients within 6 months of signing up for the directory, I will issue you a full refund, no questions asked. No risk to give consignment a try.
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