eBay Sellers Guide to Estate Sales


Estate sales can be a gold mine for finding inventory to sell on eBay. But, they can also be intimidating if you have never gone to one before, or aren’t sure what items to buy for resale. My eBay Sellers Guide to Estate Sales was designed for the eBay seller who wants to learn how to grow their business leveraging the power of estate sales.


Even if you have great thrift stores in your area, estate sales can be another option for sourcing because:

  • Items can be in much better condition
  • Vintage items and collectibles could have been in the home undisturbed for decades
  • Wider selection of items than in thrift stores – not so much clothing!
  • Negotiating is permitted
  • Every sale is different – you never know what you might find!
  • Items are usually deeply discounted on the last day

This 2-hour course includes 6 videos on the following topics:

  • Why there are more estate sales now more than ever before
  • Pros and cons of estate sales
  • Actual items I have bought from estate sales and sold on eBay
  • Family-run vs company-run estate sales
  • How estate sales are set up
  • Room by room shopping and buying tips
  • Things to know before you go – estate sale etiquette
  • How to find and preview estate sales online

Learn it. Know it. Master it. Guarantee.
I am committed to your success. That is why every with course you take, I am here for you.Have a question? Not sure how to apply the information to your business? Have a question the material doesn’t cover?I  am here for you via phone or email to make sure that you don’t just learn or know the profit-making skills that I cover in my courses, but that you master them and in turn, your bank account shows the results.


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