Etsy for Beginners

Etsy for Beginners


Many eBay and Amazon sellers are adding selling on Etsy to their online income streams, but Etsy is its own beast….


Many eBay and Amazon sellers are adding selling on Etsy to their online income streams, but Etsy is its own beast. From a community that is recycling and repurposing  focused, to a culture that embraces the unique small sellers and one of a kind customers – Etsy can be a refreshing change for those sellers who have been using eBay or Amazon for many years, if you understand the landscape.

After this 60 minute course, you will know the 411 on:

  • Rules, policies, and the basic landscape of Etsy
  • Etsy fees
  • How to set up your shop
  • Types of items that can be sold
  • Creating an Etsy listing
  • Learning the Etsy lingo
  • Photography basics for Etsy and know it is nothing like eBay
  • How payments work
  • Shipping details
  • Selling internationally
  • Etsy’s search engine
  • Promoting your Etsy store

Plus we will share with you all the essential supplies you really need to get started as well as how to connect with other Etsy sellers and truly join the community atmosphere.

Now like with any new culture, Etsy has its own language. We translate the “Etsy language” into terms that the eBay/Amazon seller understands.  Allowing you to maximize your existing photos, descriptions, etc and get your new ecommerce business off and running fast.

You receive:

  • 90 minute audio recording
  • Mini e-book filled with notes, tips, and necessary links
  • Suzanne A. Wells’s personal “Suzanne’s Insights,” giving you the practical how to steps to get your business going

This course is designed to be viewed on a desktop or laptop computer, not a mobile device.


Learn it. Know it. Master it. Guarantee.

I am committed to your success. That is why every with course you take, I am here for you.

Have a question? Not sure how to apply the information to your business? Have a question the material doesn’t cover?

I  am here for you via phone or email to make sure that you don’t just learn or know the profit-making skills that I cover in my courses, but that you master them and in turn, your bank account shows the results.

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