House Calls – eBay Training at Your Location


Are you feeling overwhelmed with your eBay business? Is your workspace a disaster and you feel like it is affecting your progress? Do you wish someone would swoop in and help you get back on track? Or maybe you wish you had a tutor for the day, in your home office to help you set up everything and create a system you can follow. We can help!


Do any of these situations describe you?

  • You used to be organized with your eBay business, but life happened, and you just need some help regrouping your inventory or getting your office back in order.
  • You are new to eBay and just aren’t sure how to organize things – a professional organizer would be great, but they don’t always understand eBay.
  • You are disabled or have medical issues and can only work for a few hours a day and need someone who knows eBay to come in and help you regroup.
  • You want someone to sit with you and help you understand packaging and shipping.
  • You learn better with hands-on help and need an experienced seller to come to your home and help you.

My daughter and Melanie have visited homes of many sellers in the Atlanta area and have helped them either get set up for eBay, or helped them regroup and streamline their operations. We can do the same for you!

We are hitting the road with our Lunch and Learn workshops, and may be in your area. We can make a house call! Check our schedule here to see if we will be in your area, or if you are within a few hours drive of Atlanta, we can make special arrangements.

Cost for a house call is $100 with a 4-hour minimum. Trip charges may apply.

Contact me here to learn more.

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