Jumpstart Your eBay Business: eBay Basics


New to eBay? Then let us help you…


New to eBay? Then let us help you:

• Understand the landscape of the site
• How to research and price items
• What types of listings to use for different types of items
• Learn what items to sell and which ones are problematic
• How to charge for shipping
• Understand the importance of photos and a return policy
• Know what supplies you really need to get your business started

Simply put, we will help you – the new seller – get started out on the right foot, avoid common pitfalls, and find success quickly with fewer mistakes.

You will also walk away from this session knowing how to:

• Set up an eBay and PayPal account
• Utilize the eBay feedback system and search engine
• Understand what to do before listing an item
• Avoid scams affecting new sellers

Plus we will even share with you the step by step actions you need to take to list your first item successfully!

You receive:

  • 90 minute audio recording
  • Mini e-book filled with notes, tips, and necessary links
  • Suzanne A. Well’s personal “Suzanne’s Insights,” giving you the practical how to steps to get your business going

This course is designed to be viewed on a desktop or laptop computer, not a mobile device.



Learn it. Know it. Master it. Guarantee.

I am committed to your success. That is why every with course you take, I am here for you.

Have a question? Not sure how to apply the information to your business? Have a question the material doesn’t cover?

I  am here for you via phone or email to make sure that you don’t just learn or know the profit-making skills that I cover in my courses, but that you master them and in turn, your bank account shows the results.

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