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The number one action eBay sellers can take to increase sales is to offer international shipping………


The number one action eBay sellers can take to increase sales is to offer international shipping. If you are not shipping internationally, you are leaving money on the table, and not a little bit of money but a lot of money! eBay has 98 million registered users and 49% of them are outside of the USA. These global customers have money to spend on American products and you can be one of the people who sells items to them!

This is a comprehensive multi-media lesson that contains the following:

  • Advantages of international shipping
  • Insurance options
  • Flat rate vs calculated shipping
  • Disclaimers for your listings
  • How to set up eBay shipping preferences
  • How to fill out customs form
  • How to print labels after a sale
  • 10 reasons eBay sellers should offer international shipping
  • Restricted items that cannot be shipped internationally
  • How to set up international shipping costs for eBay buyers
  • Insurance options
  • Packaging materials and restrictions
  • Country specific restrictions (what can and can’t be shipped where)
  • Suggestions for problematic countries to exclude

When done correctly, international shipping does not cost the seller any extra fees, the buyer pays the shipping fees, there are no additional eBay fees or charges, and the end result is more sales for the seller. Risks are minimized by adding insurance to shipments and excluding countries that are problematic to work with.

This course is designed for sellers who have some experience selling on eBay and wish to offer international shipping.

You receive:

  • 17 minute video to show you how to do everything
  • 30 minute mp3 recording making it easy for you to re-listen to all of the details again and again
  • 40 page  mini e-book filled with notes, tips, and necessary links


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